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Noah McCaffrey

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A Little About Noah

Noah McCaffrey lives in the eastern U.S. with his wife and their furry, four-legged children. He studied storytelling and film production long ago at a university out west. After a few years living and working in Hollywood, Noah moved away and began writing. Much of the past 15 years has been spent ghostwriting for other authors. Now he is writing for himself…and his gracious readers, of course.


He played  baseball growing up, pitching and catching mostly. And he has spent a good portion of his life living and working with dogs. With those things in mind, it’s no surprise that his favorite subjects–baseball (especially the early days of the game) and dogs–find their way into his stories. 


One thing he feels passionate about is writing wholesome, inspirational fiction tailored toward the whole family. When not writing, Noah can be found watching classic movies with his wife, reading, or doing something outdoors with the dogs.



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